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We have built our company to handle large scale production contracts and ensure no matter the size of the job each contract is handled with immense quality and precision. We encourage large scale production contracts. We have mill working engineers, fastidious craftsman, and a custom metal fabrication division ready for you to tap into. The products we use all contribute toward green building and sustainable resources, which deliver high quality, durability, and ecologically sound results.

We Focus on Using only low VOC(Volatile Organic Compound), which deliver high quality, durability, and ecologically sound results and a safe environment for our employees

Quality is key! We believe in heirloom pieces, that will stand the test of time. Rest assured when placing an order that no detail goes unnoticed, and only the finest, most quality products are used. Our journeymen craftsman have Over 50 years’ experience in the industry and are headed by a father and son team. Family is very important to us! We are a family run and operated company. It is our passion to see our furniture used in a wide variety of spaces from large to small!

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